Portable / Mobile Coolers

Evaporative Cooling

UltraCool Portable Evaporative Coolers allow for easy mobility while providing spot cooling for small to large rooms. This process works by passing air through water absorbed, high efficiency rigid media pads. For Maximum cooling experiences, model options include a scroll blower design or powerful axial fan design, three-speed motor, timer feature, and oscillating louver feature. The convenient water fill locations help prevent any spilling. The free flowing casters enable the unit to be wheeled from room to room.

Experience mobile cooling at its finest with a MasterCool Mobile Evaporative Cooler. These unit applications are perfect for Patios, Play Areas, Garages, Barns and Workshops. Outstanding features include a two-speed fan with a four-way directional grille, washable synthetic media, lockable casters, work tray top and weather resistant finish. A standard water hose connection will allow for unlimited cooling use no matter where the location.


Porches & Patios

Mobiles are weather resistant & durable for outdoor events and everyday use

Garages & Workshops

Easily manuverable for convenient placement in shop environments

Stables & Ranches

Adaptable speed settings for quiet operation around animals. Ideal for farms, zoos & kennels.

Factories & Warehouses

Efficient cooling for industrial facilities, assembly lines, manufacturing plants, etc.




Portable/Mobile coolers have two dierent media pad options. Both options are durable and reliable.

Rigid Media Pads are designed to operate at maximum eciency with minimal maintenance. 8” and 12” media depths are available. These pads have an extremely long lifecycle if maintained properly. Rigid media pads are used in our UltraCool portable coolers.

Polyester Media Pads are made from random fiber distribution. The fibers are laid in all directions throught the web to create a unified media. This oers more cross-over points which help trap dirt and particles.Polyester media pads are used in our MasterCool mobile coolers.


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