Evaporative Coolers

Evaporative Cooling

Evaporative cooling is one of the oldest and most natural forms of climate control. This process occurs when hot, dry air absorbs moisture as it passes over a body of water. As the water evaporates, the air is cooled and energy is exchanged resulting in lower air temperatures. Today, this process has been refined for natural and efficient home cooling.

The coolers lower indoor temperatures by combining the natural cooling properties of evaporating water with an efficient air moving system. This combination of moisture and a steady breeze can lower indoor temperatures by as much as 30'F. Airflow is controlled by opening windows to allow the unit to push warm air outside.

Because evaporative cooling requires two main components, water and hot dry air, areas with warm climates and low humidity levels are necessary for efficient cooling. This form of cooling is widely used in arid, desert regions such as the southwestern USA, Choosing the right model for your needs is important for proper operation. In order to meet your specific needs, we offer several different applications such as portable/mobile, window, residential and commercial.


Portable / Mobile

Ideal for small spaces, garages, porches, patios and barns

Window Installation

Ideal for single room, whole-home, and garages

Ducted units ideal for whole-home solution

Ducted units designed for larger coverage areas




Evaporative coolers are typically distinguished by where they are installed and the type of pads they use.

Aspen Media Pads are made from aspen tree fibers, held together in a pad form with a thin plastic netting. This form of media is durable and economical.

Rigid Media Pads are designed to operate at maximum efficiency with minimal maintenance, 8” and 12” media depths are available. These pads have an extremely long lifecycle if maintained properly.

Polyester Media Pads are made from random fiber distribution. The fibers are laid in all directions throughout the web to create a unified media. This offers more cross-over points which help trap dirt and particles.

Benefits of Evaporative Cooling

By ensuring proper moisture levels, evaporative coolers reduce static electricity, protect fine furniture and wood flooring, and moisturize dry skin. Evaporative coolers work hard to reduce airborne particles and dust while also minimizing the spread of infection.

So, why use evaporative cooling instead of conventional AC? Traditional air conditioning reduces moisture levels and recycles the same indoor air. Whereas, evaporative cooling works to maintain proper humidity levels while producing fresh air. 

Helps Prevent Flu & Allergy Symptoms
Relieves Dry Skin
Reduces Pet Dander & Dust
Protects Fine Furniture & Wood flooring
Energy Efficient

In recent years, several major utility companies have increased their emphasis on energy savings offering incentive for customers who purchase new or upgraded appliances. These rebates vary by location and appliance, so consult your energy provider for more information


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