Cooler Warranty Information

Evaporative Cooler & Cooler Parts Limited Warranty

Champion Cooler L.P. – Essick Air Products, Inc. (EAP)

A copy of the original purchase receipt is required for all warranty claims.

Champion/EAP prides itself on manufacturing quality products. In the unfortunate instance that you experience problems with our product, please note our warranty/return policy below.


The warranty on coolers covers defects in materials and workmanship for a period of one year from date of purchase. This warranty applies only to the original purchaser of the product. Copy of original purchase receipt; exact model number and serial number of cooler is required before any warranty claim is considered.

Exclusions from the warranty

We are not responsible for replacement of cooler pads. These are disposable components and should be replaced periodically. We are not responsible for any incidental or consequential damage resulting from malfunction. We are not responsible for any damage received from the use of water softeners, chemicals, descale material, or if a motor of a higher horsepower than indicated on the serial plate is used in the unit.

We are not responsible for the cost of service calls to diagnose cause of trouble, or labor charge to repair and/or replace parts.


The warranty on parts & accessories only applies to items purchased directly from Champion Cooler/EAP. For all parts and accessories purchased from another source, the customer must contact the company they purchased the items from. Champion Cooler/EAP will provide the following warranty on parts & accessories.

Motors – One year from date of purchase, after a proof of purchase is received and all labels from the motor have been received by Champion. Copies of the motor labels will not be accepted. Champion Cooler/EAP must receive all original labels from the motor before warranty is considered valid.

Belts, Pulleys, Pumps, Shafts, Blower Wheels and all other components which may be needed to keep unit operational, which includes metal and fabricated parts –
Thirty (30) days from date of purchase.

This warranty does not cover damage resulting from misuse or abuse, accidents or alterations to the product, commercial use or damage during shipment. Misuse includes malfunctions caused by negligence in cleaning or parts fouled with mineral deposits due to hard-water conditions. Alterations to the unit include the substitution of any non-Champion components and installation of any parts which are not listed for the unit which includes, but is not limited to motors.

Only parts purchased directly from Champion/EAP are included in the policy listed. If the parts were not purchased directly from Champion/EAP, you will be required to contact the company you purchased the parts from. Champion/EAP will not be responsible for parts purchased from another company.

Return Policy

Because your satisfaction is a priority, we know it is sometimes necessary to exchange or return an item. You may return your item within 30 days of purchase for a refund or replacement if the item was purchased directly from Champion/EAP. If the item was purchased from a company other than Champion/EAP, please contact the company you purchased the item from.

To process a return on items purchased directly from Champion/EAP:

  1. Please complete the RGA request form and email the completed form to or fax the completed form to: Attn: Warranty Department @ 501-562-9485.
  2. Secure merchandise in original packaging if available and enclose the packing list which was received with your product, including the RGA # that has been issued to you via return e-mail or fax.
  3. Return merchandise in “New” condition via pre-paid shipping, only after obtaining RGA #.
  4. If you can not obtain RGA # via e-mail or fax, please contact us directly @ 800-643-8341.

**Note – If you are returning the part through no fault of Champion/EAP (example: you ordered the wrong part), there will be a 15% re-stocking fee deducted from your credit upon return. The customer is also responsible for all shipping charges incurred with the receipt and return of the merchandise.

You will receive your credit within 7-14 business days after the items are received by Champion/EAP. Shipping charges are not refundable.

No credit will be issued unless the above policy is followed.